Family Court of Australia

Duarte & Morse [2017] FamCA 350 (16 May 2017)

Parenting – interim – discharge of the Independent Children’s Lawyer – Application for writ of Certiorari – whether the Court has jurisdiction to issue writ of Certiorari – whether the Court should restore previous Interim parenting orders – whether the Court should strike out Filed Form 4 documents.


Independent Children’s Lawyer & Seidler [2017] FamCA 304 (15 May 2017)

Costs – Application by the Independent Children’s Lawyer – where the mother has agreed to pay her portion of the Independent Children’s Lawyer’s costs – where the father objects to paying his portion – where the father has the financial capacity to contribute to the costs of the Independent Children’s Lawyer – where the mother’s conduct in the proceedings is questionable – where the mother has been wholly unsuccessful and the father wholly successful – where the circumstances do not justify an order for costs – Orders made dismissing the application for costs.


Federal Circuit Court of Australia

Beckworth & Garnett [2017] FCCA 733 (9 May 2017)

Parenting – interim parenting – where children expressing strong views – where Court declines to place weight on those views in circumstances where children were interviewed by Mother’s solicitor and counsel and where it is unclear whether, and if so to what extent, the children’s expression of views has been influenced by this.

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