ICL – Online training Program

The online training program is composed of 6 training modules:

Please note “THE CONTENT contained in these Modules IS GENERALIST to assist you in your task as an ICL to make decisions in the context of the child/ren you represent and their family”

MODULE 1: Role of ICL

  1. Overview of the Role of the ICL
  2. The practicalities of the ICL role and working with children
  3. Meeting with children

MODULE 2: Family/Domestic Violence

  1. Overview of separated families and family violence in Australia
  2. Nature of family violence
  3. Dealing with family violence in the court room and unacceptable risk

MODULE 3: Child Development and Attachment

MODULE 4: Child Trauma

  1. Impact of trauma & awareness and management of systems abuse
  2. Child abuse
  3. Children who resist post separation contact with a parent

MODULE 5: Child Mental Health, Associate Professor Carolyn Quadrio

MODULE 6: Adult Mental Health & Behavioural issues,

Instructor:  Mary Alex
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AUD $400 inc. GST

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