Following the 11 May 2023 National ICL Webinar: Lighthouse and Evatt – What this means for ICLs, further sessions for each state and territory are being planned to delve further into Lighthouse and Evatt List. It is anticipated that these sessions will be interactive to allow questions to be put to a panel of presenters. Further information will be distributed in due course.

For ICL website members who may have missed the 11 May webinar: Lighthouse and Evatt – What this means for ICLs, you can now login to view the recording and access the relevant Lighthouse and Evatt resources from the library of national ICL webcasts on the ICL website’s Events pages.

This webinar focuses on:

  • Risk screening and the Evatt List and how it may influence the appointment of and role of ICLs
  • At what point the risk screening process occurs
  • Expected timing of ICL appointments
  • What makes the Evatt case management pathway different
  • Role of ICL in the Evatt List – expectations
  • Hear from ICLs from Pilot locations for their insights


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