Webinar: Lighthouse and Evatt – What this means for ICLs, Thursday 11 May 2023

Risk screening and the Evatt List and how it may influence the appointment of and role of ICLs

  • At what point the risk screening process occurs;
  • Expected timing of ICL appointments;
  • What makes the Evatt case management pathway different;
  • Role of ICL in the Evatt List – expectations;
  • Hear from ICLs from Pilot Locations for their insights

It is expected that attendees will be somewhat familiar with the basic Lighthouse model and Evatt List, having watched and/or read the following:

About the presenters

Senior Judicial Registrar Anne-Marie Rice, Executive Director National Registrar Operations and Practice FCFCOA

Senior Judicial Registrar Anne-Marie Rice is a multi-award winning lawyer, Accredited Family Law Specialist, Accredited Mediator and Arbitrator and Registered FDRP. Senior Judicial Registrar Rice began her career as a Legal Associate in the Family Court in 1998 and has been a prior executive member of the Family Law Section of the Law Council of Australia, a former member of various Queensland Law Society Committees including the Specialist Accreditation committee and a past FLPA (Qld) vice-president. She joined the Courts in July 2020 and, as a senior member of the leadership team, is responsible for the expansion of the Court’s dispute resolution programs and Registrar work practices.

Anne-Marie has been delivering local, national and international keynote addresses, conference papers and workshops for lawyers and non-lawyers for 20 years. She has a philosophy that “conflict can be resolved without combat” and her acceptance speech after being named the 2018 WLAQ Woman Lawyer of the Year, in which she spoke of the exhaustion of a singularly aggressive approach to legal practice, became an industry and social media sensation. Anne-Marie taught the undergraduate Family Law subject at the University of Queensland for many years prior to joining the Court and she continues to teach the post graduate Mediation and Conflict Management Course at that university.

Judicial Registrar Brigid Jenkins, Evatt Judicial Registrar FCFCOA

Brigid Jenkins is a Judicial Registrar of the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia and is an Evatt Judicial Registrar. Brigid was previously the Acting Associate Director of Family Law Services and Program Manager of Family Law Services at Victoria Legal Aid. Brigid is an experienced ICL and is a member of the children’s committee of the Federal Circuit and Family Court. She has also been a member of the Steering Committee for the Co-located Child Protection Officers in Victoria and the Victorian Family Law Pathways Network.

Mary-Ann Huth, Assistant Director Family Law Services, Legal Aid Queensland

Mary-Ann was admitted as a Solicitor in Queensland in 1994, and initially worked in a private practice in a small suburban general law practice. She moved to a larger Brisbane practice specialising in Family law in 1996 and in 1998, commenced at Legal Aid Queensland in Brisbane, working as an Independent Children’s Lawyer in the specialist team.

Mary-Ann took up a secondment as a Deputy Registrar (as they were called then) in the Family Court in Brisbane for 9 months in late 2001, then returned to her position at Legal Aid continuing as a specialist ICL.

Mary-Ann became the Principal Lawyer of Family law/FASS teams in 2018 until 2022, when she took up her current role as Assistant Director, Family Law Teams in Brisbane.

Mary-Ann has been a regular trainer/facilitator for National ICL training since 2002 and has been a member of the Children’s Committee of the FCFCOA since February 2020.

Lara Beach, Solicitor in Charge Blacktown, Legal Aid NSW

Lara was admitted in 2010 and initially worked in private practice primarily in family law and including as a panel practitioner appointed to the ICL panel. She initially joined Legal Aid NSW in 2015 as the Senior Family Lawyer at the Blacktown office. Lara has been the Solicitor in Charge of the Blacktown office since 2018. Her caseload in recent years has primarily comprised complex ICL matters in the Parramatta and Sydney FCFCOA registries.

Anna O’Brien, Legal Services Commission South Australia

Anna O’Brien is the Team Leader for Independent Children’s Lawyers in the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia and Child Representatives in the Care & Protection jurisdiction at the Legal Services Commission of South Australia. Anna practices as an Independent Children’s Lawyer and regularly appears as a Child Representative in the Youth Court of South Australia.

Anna started her career in private practice and commenced at the Legal Services Commission with the Family Advocacy and Support Service as a Duty Lawyer and later as a family law solicitor and Independent Children’s Lawyer.

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